A personalised curriculum is offered at Plymouth Studio School, providing the mix of academic and professional qualifications, specialist sports programmes  and mentoring experiences which are right for each student.

We offer a traditional curriculum of GCSEs (including Ebacc), A levels and BTEC qualifications combined with the opportunity for students to take part in our specialist  Sports Programmes (see below for details), including training with Albion, Argyle, Raiders, Pilgrims and AquaElite (swimming) coaches.  

For non-sports students, students can study for their traditional academic qualifications in a motivating and stimulating environment

Our  curriculum, which is underpinned by a  sound foundation in IT and business skills, is designed to allow students to access a range of high quality employment, Apprenticeships/Advanced  Apprenticeships, Higher Education and career  opportunities, including those in the sports and lifestyle sectors such as sports coaching, sports therapy and physiotherapy, sport science and analysis and sports teaching.

At Key Stage 4: students have the option to study a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 GCSEs or equivalent, including BTECS  (Level 1/2 First Award in Sport and Business). They also have the option to gain the EBacc qualification and to take part in our specialist sports programmes.

At Key Stage 5: students can study at least 3 A levels or equivalent, including BTECS in Sport and Business at Diploma and Extended Diploma Level.  Both routes can include  participation in our specialist sports programmes.

Our Specialist Sports Programmes Include: 

Sports Talent:   Open to every PSS student to help them discover, develop and hone their sporting performance through working with a personal coach.  Includes strength and conditioning, assessment and  sports psychology designed to increase physiological and psychological ability.

Professional Coaching:  Professional sports training programmes with Plymouth Albion, Argyle, Raiders and Pilgrims (netball) and AquaElite (led by Olympic swimmer, Antony James) for selected students.

Sports Development & Coaching : For students looking for careers in sport with a focus on progression into physiotherapy, sports therapy, sports coaching, sport psychology, video analysis and sports medicine and science. Students can work towards coaching qualifications and put these into practise through mentoring opportunities, sports science and expert workshops.

Sports Performance: For selected students already competing at National level,  including a personalised programme of coaching support integrated with existing training schedules and including individual sports psychology to help maximise performance.

  • Download the Prospectus  to see our Year 10 & 12 curriculums.    
  • Our Approach :
  • a flexible timetable designed to accommodate sports training and ensure a strong academic foundation for future career development .
  • strong links with Marjon to provide mentoring and practical experiences in sport development, teaching and coaching
  • a focus on English, maths and science in all areas of the
  • applied learning using the latest technologies in a flexible working environment
  • rigorous tracking and regular review of student progress working in close partnership with parents and carers
  • a customised curriculum which recognises the full range of student abilities.