International Fencing Competition for Taylor

Year 12 student Taylor Foxwell-Moss has been busy in recent weeks travelling to an international competition in Kalgenfurt, GB Cadet U17, where she competed as an individual and as Team Captain for GB ‘2’ Female Epee.

Due to her current ranking she drew some strong seeds in her poule; it took a while to find her feet but she eventually came away with 2 wins and 4 defeats, 2 of which were 4/5 and the other 3/5 and made the cut.  She was ranked 150/210 and had to fight in a L256 match where she faced a song Swiss fencer ranked 107; determined to make it through to the next round, taylor fought a measured and tactical fight to take the win 15-11. int eh L128 (points secured for British ranking) she faced a Hungarian ranked 22 and although she fought well, her opponent took the wind 8-15.

Next saw the team events and GB fielded 3 Mens and 3 Female Teams and Taylor was Captain of Female Team 2!  The Team was seeded 18/38 and were awarded at BYE to the L32 where they faced a strong Finland 1 but they proved too strong coming away with a very comfortable 45-29 win to see them through to the L16 where they would fight for all places.  

Their next opponents were the Romanians and Taylor lead from the fore but it was not enough and they had to accept a 35-45 defeat although this is a very respectable loss margin to the team that went through to the Semi-finals on the day.  Unfortunately, GBR 2 then had to face their teammates GBR 1 which was tense from the outset and her team members needed constant cajoling to produce their best – in the end it proved too much and Taylor, as the final fencer and having been the lead scorer for the match, was left with too big a gap to close and they lost 27-45; Taylor did her best to refocus the Team but the loss had taken its toll and they went on to lose to Hungary 4, 26-45 in the next round leaving them to fight for 15/16 position with Belarus.  

Determined to end on a high, Taylor rallied her team mates and leading from the outset, set the pace opening with a 5-2 lead in the opening fight and then gave her full encouragement to her team mates ensuring that they most certainly did end on a high with a win 45-40 and placing 15th overall.  Her first Captaincy and although it was not the result that she wanted, it is a solid base from which to work and lessons were learned.