Year 10 basketball away at Plympton Academy

Plymouth Studio School winners 48-41.


This was the nicest game I have had the pleasure of being involved in for a number of years. It was competitive yet played with amazing etiquette as players clapped the opposition for good baskets and not one complaint was made to either referee. It was a pleasure to be involved with and the Studio School students were incredible ambassadors for the school and their parents.


As a coach you hope that a team develops and learns as the season goes and this was evidence of this. We trebled last matches score while playing some fantastic defence to earn a brilliant win.


From the start everyone took their roles very seriously. Charlie Hine was rebounding everything and turning to put the ball in the hoop, Bradley Wilson brought the ball up with composure making the opposition wobble, Tom Lock played some excellent defence on their main player forcing him into mistakes, Danny Wotton set some monster screens while playing great defence and popping in a couple of baskets as well, Alfie Norris went on a purple patch where he couldn’t seem to miss, he even looked a little surprised himself. Owen Richards made his first appearance for the team, playing good defence, passing the ball well and even scoring too. Kam Dixon and Harrison Martin played good minutes causing their opponent real problems on defence as well as moving the ball extremely well.


Charlie, Bradley and Alfie all had double figures in scoring which was incredible as this was more per person than the whole team scored last match.


At the end of the third quarter we were actually losing by a single point. However we had a superb team effort for three minutes where it seemed impossible to miss pulling out to a 12 point lead which we held onto until the end of the game.


Absolutely brilliant and a joy to take away.


Special and important mention to Corey Clarkson one of our sixth form in the Raiders academy for his coaching and commitment. Thank you.


Mr Cahill