Year 11 Basketball

Our Year 11 basketball team went away to Devonport High School for Boys this week. This was always going to be a very tough game as they have experienced National league junior players in their team. When we turned up this was exactly the case with 5 regular club players and two further club players from lower years. From the opening exchanges a physical game was on the cards leaving little time for shots or thinking. This was indeed the difference between the teams, the opposition used their experience converting on tough plays where we perhaps rushed the choice of shot a little.

The second half was where we put in place what we learnt in the first half converting on far more baskets and competing under the hoop more. We learnt a huge amount despite the 82-38 loss we have come a very long way. While players were obviously disappointed this is a very good team who have done exceptionally well in the National Schools competition.

Games are about improving and developing as a team and this is what is happening, to lose to this team is no disgrace, we competed well and fought for every possession. We now need to train under pressure in game situations so we are prepared for the next challenge.


Well done all, I was very proud of you all.




Tylor Lawley

Taylor Kasitz

Fraser Burton

Olly Catterall

Fernando Brown

Bruno Leal

Tom Lock

Danny Wotton

Bradley Wilson

Charlie Hine


Mr Cahill