Year 11 Mock Job Interviews

The Year 11 Business students undertook a Mock Job Interview as part of their coursework. They needed to apply for a job of their choice before undertaking an interview for the post.
The interview was taken by Mr Gill and Mr D. Bunney (former owner of a recruitment company and current Managing Director of Bird Proofing UK).

The students were graded on the following:
Supporting evidence of job
Quality of answers during the interview

The majority of students took this seriously and performed well.
Anna Cieslik-Gee (Journalist) performed exceptionally well, scoring 23 out of a possible 25.
Brandon Igalawuye (Football coach) achieved the second highest, scoring 19 out of 25.
In joint third place was Jude Davies (Lifeguard) and Taylor Kasitz (PE teacher), with 18 out of 25.