Year 12 Interviews


Our current Year 12 BTEC Extended Certificate in Sport students have been studying unit 3 which is Professional Development in the Sports Industry.  As part of this unit, the students have to prepare a CV and personal statement, as well as write a letter of application for a job. They had to decide out of three jobs which one they would like to apply for, from PE teacher, Fitness Instructor and Sports Coach.  Resulting in filing in an application and preparing for an interview.

Interviews were held on Friday the 1st of December and they did themselves proud. As their teacher, I was astounded at the question preparation, communication skills, focus and positive attitude. It was a hard task to pick an overall winner and candidates who got the job! Katie Glanville was an outright winner with her professionalism, maturity and depth of answers – well done Katie! The jobs were awarded as follows:- Corey Clarkson and Katie Glanville – PE teacher job winners.  Alex Norgate and Grace Chadwick were Sports Coach winners and Tommy-Lee Smith got the job of Fitness Instructor. Well done to all of the candidates – many of whom received a distinction for their efforts and performance.
Miss Newby – Teacher of PE