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How to Get Breakdown Cover: A Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone who drives should have breakdown cover because of how helpful it can be in emergency situations. If you ever find yourself stuck on the roadside, it is always better to have this cover than not. There are a number of quick and easy steps that you can follow to get it, and it’s important you follow them. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on how to obtain breakdown cover so you can have peace of mind while driving.

Step 1: Check with Your Insurance Provider

The very first thing you will need to do is check with your car insurance provider to see if you already have breakdown cover. Some people have this type of cover and don’t even realize it. You don’t want to pay for something you already have, and all it takes is a quick phone call to find out.

Step 2: Determine Your Needs

If you do not already have breakdown cover with your insurance provider, you’ll need to determine your needs.

Some of the more important factors to consider include:

  • How often you drive (the more you drive, the more extensive your cover should be).
  • Age of your car (the older your vehicle is, the more likely it is that you will break down at some point on the road).
  • Where you travel (if you travel outside of the UK, you’ll want to consider opting for European Travel on your breakdown cover policy).
  • Number of drivers (you can likely get a discount if you are getting cover for numerous people).

Step 3: Compare Deals

While you can certainly choose to go through your insurance provider for breakdown cover, there are other options to explore. You should spend some time looking into what different companies offer before making a final decision. There are independent breakdown cover providers that can likely match your needs for a reasonable amount. You should first check to see what your current insurance provider charges for this type of cover. The more time you spend doing this, the more you will end up saving.

Step 4: Consider All of Your Options

Not all breakdown cover policies include the same things, so there are several features that you should look for before making a choice.

  • Onward Travel: This particular feature will provide you with a ride to your destination if your car needs to be towed to a local garage. It also sometimes includes an overnight stay at a hotel if you break down far from home. This can make breaking down a lot less inconvenient in certain situations.
  • At Home Cover: You should also consider getting a breakdown cover policy that gives you these services at home. You can get help with everything from a dead battery to a flat tyre even if your car is style in your driveway.
  • European Cover: This is an extra option that you should also think about taking advantage of. It will provide you with breakdown cover services all throughout Europe. If you frequently travel outside of the UK for business or holiday, it is something to consider.
  • Key Replace: If you ever lose your keys or they are stolen, you will be glad to have this feature on your policy. It will provide you with replacement keys and locks if the need should arise.

Step 5: Research the Provider

You don’t want to get breakdown cover with just any company, because they are not all equally reliable. It is important that you find out what kind of reputation each one has before making your decision. Take a look at customer reviews for some of these providers. These reviews will give you a much better idea as to what sort of overall reputation each company has.

Step 6: Decide on a Payment Option

Some breakdown cover providers will give you the option of making monthly payments or one lump sum upfront payment. There is also an option where you pay for the services you need out of pocket and are reimbursed afterwards. Take the time to decide which one is right for you based on your current financial situation.

Failing to get breakdown cover right away is one of the worst mistakes you could ever make as a driver. There are a number of situations where this cover can be extremely useful. You shouldn’t need to pay very much each month or year, and it is well worth the expense. If you ever get stuck with a flat tyre, dead battery or some other issue, these services can help a lot. You will be able to get a technician sent to your location within a half an hour or so. This makes breaking down on the road far more tolerable as a whole.